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The Free-RISC8 is a Verilog synthesizable model of a simple 8-bit microcontroller.  It is binary code compatible with the Microchip Technology, Inc. 16C57 microcontroller. A variety of 3rd Party software development tools exist for this architecture making this core attractive for educational purposes and for use in an FPGA or ASIC (several folks have successfully done this). The core comes with a testbench and some example programs. And again, it is synthesizable. See the on-line manual for more details. 

The Free-RISC8 was written by Tom Coonan.  It was donated to The Free-IP Project in January 2000. You can visit Tom's personal web page at where he has other hardware and software related projects.


Current Version

The current version of the Free-RISC8 core is v1.1.  These are the changes from v1.0:

HTML documentation is now included in the standard distribution zip file.
Experimental VHDL version is included.


Download the Free-RISC8 v1.1 by clicking here:



Use the Free-IP Mailing list for technical support questions.  If that is not practical for you for confidentiality or other reasons, email Thomas Coonan.


Useful links

Microchip Technology, Inc.-- The makers of the PIC microcontroller
Dontronics PIC Related Links
Silicore Corporation-- Makers of a PIC core (US$10k).

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